About Bringing You Fitness

Laurie Stillwell

As early as 12 years old, Laurie was a competitive gymnast and dancer at the national level. She had trainers and coaches guiding and motivating her to be the best that she could be. Laurie learned at a young age what it meant to work hard and push on towards a goal. 
At age 19, Laurie tore her ACL during a dance performance. The rehabilitating process of her knee was the worst and best experience all at the same time! Painful, yet amazing to see how resilient the body is! Laurie quickly learned that, if treated right, the body is built to last and recover from most any injury. She was back on her feet dancing in half the amount of time it was suppose to take and she credits that to the personal trainer she worked with during her physical therapy! His love for fitness and his ability to transform her body back to tip- top, athletic shape inspired her. 
Laurie soon became hooked on the idea of helping people through fitness the way she was helped! She went to school at the National Association of Sports Medicine, and years later after much experience, she is proud to say that her business, Bringing You Fitness, has brought hundreds of people to their fitness goals. 
You can get results too! Let Laurie help you get to where you want to be! She believes in what she does! She practices what she preaches. Her love for health is contagious! Let Laurie show you her passion for fitness and watch how your whole body, inside and out, will change!